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О компании Unilever
About Unilever
Global seller of consumer goods.
The company's goal is to streamline environmentally responsible life in society
2,5 billion
people use Unilever products every day
brands includes the Unilever range
experts are involved in the work of Unilever accelerator
Up to 20
20 projects can become participants in the Unilever Accelerator

Scope of projects

We are looking for startups with projects on "prototype" stage and above, which may be used by Unilever in the future
Acceleration program
Акселератор Unilever
Food Production
New recipes and ingredients for ice cream, mayonnaise and sauces, tea.
Examples: powdered fruit and berry extracts capable to add rich aroma; bean fibers, prebiotcs, etc.
New textures of sauces, tea, ice cream (aeration of food products, mousse textures and solutions to achieve them)
Preserving agents for natural foods
Production process optimization
Акселератор Unilever
Food Packaging
Primary (individual) packaging:
  • new materials (eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable)
  • new properties (increased shelf life, multiple use, convenience for consumer)
Examples: transparent packaging with UV protection that is convenient for storage; organic biodegradable material for tea bags
Secondary (group) packaging with:
  • options for modifications
  • one device manufacturing boxes of different sizes
Акселератор Unilever
Food Storage
New freezers to store ice cream, and refrigerating cabinets with remote door opening/closing that are cost-effective to manufacture, install, and maintain.
Anti-mold treatment of food during packaging and storage.
Solutions to install and track GPS units on freezers.
Anti-mold treatment of tea during packaging and storage.
Акселератор Unilever
Сonsumer Communications
New package structure and design
Communication based on consumer gadgets (VR/AR technologies; user-product-phone interactions).

Benefits for Founders

3 months to prepare a pilot with an FMCG leader
The goal of Accelerator is to develop pilot projects jointly with Unilever.Based on Accelerator results, Unilever will consider business cooperation.
Mentor and expert support all the way
The participants will undergo expert review. Each of them will get a personal mentor belonging to business community, and an acceleration facilitator from GenerationS and Unilever teams.
Business and product transformation
When in Accelerator, participants develop their projects and open new opportunities in marketing, sales funnel, legal aspects, etc.
Free participation
Founders neither pay for acceleration, nor dilute their ownership. Unilever will discuss business cooperation with successful participants of the program.

Event Calendar

16.07.2018 – 31.10.2018
Collection of applications
01.11.2018 – 20.12.2018
January 2019
February – May 2019


1, Nobel st., Innovation Center Skolkovo, Moscow
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